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Click Picture for Larger View5-1-86 Original

Subject: Diorama of Lincoln making his first speech the 3rd time he ran for the Illinois Legislature.
Description: 4' wide x 2' deep x 3' high box, 5 sided, with front glass door, removable for maintenance. This is the unfinished work of Art Sieving. The sculptor died while working on this diorama. Sieving, Ostendorf, Temple and Wagner would have a meeting to determine the diorama theme. Ostendorf would draw a working idea with Sieving, Temple and Wagner approval. Sieving would build the box, construct the building, carve (Lincoln and three other people) and prepare the diorama to the point where Wagner would drive it to Dayton, Ohio and Ostendorf would do the background art work. In this case, Ostendorf started the art work and was going to try and finish the diorama since Sieving had passed away. Ostendorf had some of the background dubbed in and had placed a bonnet on the lady's head when Mrs. Sieving (widow) asked to stop where Art left off. Her wish was honored. This diorama is a beautiful piece of an American future frontier President being sculptured in a contemporary manner. The diorama lets the observer speculate on the finish and the future. Lincoln the Politician.

Appraised by Chicago Appraisers Association, 540 Frontage Road, Suite 103, Northfield, Illinois 60093 on 11/29/1973.

Lincoln's first speech $4,000.00 ORIGINAL SOLD

(Includes original planning sketch, positive of the original ink and wash of this scene, original owned by Wagner, and is included in the collection.)

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